Help us collect IMPACT AID!

On September 7, 2016, Hawaii’s public schools will send home a U.S. Department of Education Federal Survey Form for parents to complete and return with your child to school.

Why is this important? The survey allows the State of Hawaii to qualify for a partial reimbursement for federally connected children. This funding supports all public schools, including your child’s.

Here’s how:

  • Each year, Hawaii is unable to collect local taxes from tax-free federal properties, leading to less money for public education.
  • The federal government, partially reimburses Hawaii for the cost of educating federally connected students through Impact Aid funds. Last year, Hawaii’s reimbursement was 15% of the total cost to educate a student. Although it is a small amount, every dollar we receive supports schools and students.
  • The amount of Impact Aid schools receive is based on how many parents complete and return the survey to their child’s school. Every school strives for a 100% survey form return.
    • Every survey form returned will increase funding for ALL public schools statewide.
    • This federal funding can mean an extra $35 million to $45 million annually for students.
    • Fill out and return your Federal Survey Form

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