Q2 Updated Grades will be posted on Tuesday November 14, 2017 and Tuesday December 5, 2017

Dear Aliamanu Middle School Parents and Guardians,
As part of our continuing effort to support students and provide parents with more opportunities to be informed about their child’s progress, we are adjusting the way we provide “mid” quarter grades. Instead of having one mid quarter grade report, we will now offer two opportunities each quarter where parents can check their child’s most up to date grade in each of their classes through our Infinite Campus portal. By logging on to Infinite Campus during the grading windows provided below, you will be able to monitor your child’s progress twice in a given class prior to the quarter/semester final grade.

Quarter 2 – Tuesday November 14, 2017 / Tuesday December 5, 2017
Quarter 3 – Tuesday January 30, 2017 / Wednesday February 21, 2017
Quarter 4 – Tuesday April 17, 2017 / Tuesday May 8, 2017

Due to the fact that no hard copies will be sent home, it is imperative that you know how to access the Infinite Campus portal and have a working password. If you need help accessing the portal or need help setting your password please contact our registrar between the hours of 8:00-2:30pm M-F.

We hope that you find this adjustment to our grading window helpful and informative as we continually strive to support our students at Aliamanu Middle School. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our administrator’s.

Albert Hetrick
Proud Principal