Suicide Awareness and Prevention Yellow T-shirt Day

Show your support of Suicide Awareness and Prevention by wearing a school appropriate YELLOW t-shirt or dress on Wednesday, September 5.  

Yellow must be the primary color of the shirt or dress although other colors may also be part of the design on the shirt. If a student, parent or teacher is not sure if the rules have been broken, the Principal or Vice Principals will have the final say. If you are not sure whether your choice of clothing meets the guidelines, please bring a spare uniform t-shirt.  


  1. All tops shall not reveal any cleavage and must cover the midriff. Sleeveless tops must have straps two (2) inches or wider and be tight fitting under the arms. Spaghetti straps, backless or shoulderless garments with or without jackets are not permitted.
  2. All clothing must be free of messages relating to drugs, gangs, sex or profanity.
  3. The length of the skirts or shorts shall reach the open fingertips when arm is extended down student’s side.
  4. All skirt or dress slits must not be shorter than open fingertips when the arm is extended down student’s side.
  5. No layering of shirts is allowed.
  6. Sagging or oversized pants are not allowed. Pants must be secured at the waist (no under garments showing).
  7. Baseball caps, visors, stocking caps, or sweat band of any kind are not to be worn.
  8. Jewelry representing drugs, gangs, inappropriate language, etc. is prohibited.
  9. Any gang related fashion is prohibited.
  10. Outerwear must fit the theme or follow AMS dress code. k. Students MUST wear their AMS ID if they are out of school uniform