Pedestrian Safety Poster Contest

pedestrian safety poster contest banner

Poster Contest!
Theme: Pedestrian Safety

  1. Each homeroom are invited to make 1- 2 posters (12in. by 18in. minimum) to promote pedestrian safety.
  2. The poster has to represent: Pedestrian Safety
  3. The poster should be neat & have a clear image of the topic.
  4. Each student in the homeroom must participate whether if it’s drawing or writing his/her signature.
    *Teachers may only give ideas to students

Due Date: February 12, 2020

1st place: 25 Spirit Points
2nd place: 20 Spirit Points
3rd place: 15 Spirit Points
Participation: 5 Spirit Points
*Homeroom and Spirit Team must be on the poster somewhere


Due by: February 12th in D2
Does you poster show a clear image of pedestrian safety?
Yes or No

How much Creativity went into this poster?
1 2 3 4 5

Did everyone in your homeroom participate in this activity?
Yes or No

Is your poster fully colored?
Yes or No

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