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AMS Kahoot Trivia
September 21 - 25
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Aloha Āliamanu Panthers!

The AMS Student Leadership Team is proud to present the AMS Kahoot Trivia CHALLENGE!

Do you want to see who the trivia genius of the school is? Is that genius you? Well if you want to test your limits or challenge your friends then come and play the AMS Trivia Contest. The top three winners will get a certificate emailed to them and will be shown on the Āliamanu Middle School website.

Welcome to AMS’s Kahoot Trivia Challenge!

This will be an elimination style trivia competition with several rounds consisting of practical and just random questions (*bonus * you can continue to play even if you are  eliminated in an earlier round). 

The AMS Kahoot Trivia Challenge takes place in three rounds, September 21-26, with the top 3 winners getting a certificate, and bragging rights. Rounds/links will be open/applied on their respective days and closed once the day passes. So don’t be late!


  1. Only use your real full name as your name and put your grade level as well (FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME – GRADE).
  2. No cheating! Most of the questions in this trivia can be done without using google.
  3. DO NOT participate/do the rounds during class or class periods, this is for recreational purposes only, to be done in your free time.

AMS Kahoot Trivia Schedule 


  • 1st Place: Riley Thomas 11047
  • 2nd Place: Kaimana Guerrero 10905
  • 3rd Place: Jasmine Sullivan: 8880

(Awards will be emailed September 28-29)

Email questions to Mrs. Young at