2021 October Paw Notes

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pdf file October 2021 Paw Notes
pdf file October 2021 Kakou Connections
pdf file October 2021 Kindness Calendar

Aloha, Aliamanu Middle School families!

Inside October 2021 PAW NOTES, you will find LOADS of information to keep you well-informed about the happenings of our school, including important announcements, parent meetings, special programming, and more. While we do not send home a printed copy, it IS in a PDF format, so should be easily accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You might even print it out to keep it handy as we do our BEST to make sure the calendar of events for the coming month is included too! We even embed “hotlinks” to make communication easier than ever…just click on one to see more!

We’d like to point out our October parenting program, “Help! My Teenager’s Been Abducted by Aliens!” If you ever feel like you and your middle schooler are from different planets, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Join us for an informational session to help you better understand – and communicate with – your teen, while building a stronger, healthier more supportive relationship with the alien that sleeps in your house and eats your food 🙂 We are fortunate to have the AMS SBBH Parenting Education Committee walk us through a HIGHLY RELEVANT topic for parents of middle schoolers. You can join us next WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6th at 9am

Don’t forget about “Ask Admin,” a Parent Q & A time with our Principal, Mr. Al Hetrick, scheduled for next Wednesday the 6th at 8:15 am.

For our Special Education Families, we’ve included a page of resources and information about a totally free virtual interactive event on Saturday, October 23rd. Be sure to look for information and resources in the attached Paw Notes.

This month, you’re receiving a few bonus supplements, too…”Kakou Connection” features family resources and activities, and the Optimistic October calendar is chock full of daily actions to help you focus on what REALLY matters.

Lastly, every year, parents/guardians are asked to complete the Federal Impact Aid Program Survey regardless of military affiliation. In Hawaii, Federal Impact Aid helps offset costs for school material and resources, substitute teachers. This year, Aliamanu Middle School parents/guardians will complete the survey online through December 4th via their Infinite Campus account. Only one parent/guardian has to complete the survey and it will cover all your children that are enrolled at our school. If you have children at other DOE schools and their school is also participating in completing the online survey, it will also cover those children.  We are working diligently to get 100% participation! Your support is greatly appreciated and will help to secure valuable funding for our school.

  • Please log in to your Infinite Campus account and follow the instructions to complete the On-Line Federal Impact Aid Survey through your Infinite Campus account.
    If you forgot your username or need to reset your password for your Infinite Campus account, please contact our registrar at Bonnie.Yoshida@k12.hi.us.

Enjoy the upcoming hall break with your family! Our kids have worked hard this quarter and we KNOW they’re looking forward to a little break:)

We have an open door policy at Aliamanu Middle, and if there’s ever anything we can assist you with, we’d be glad to help!