Spirit Week – April 18 – 22, 2022

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Graphic Tees
Jocks ‘n Nerds
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Wear mismatches, your clothes backwards or even inside out!Wear a graphic t-shirt with a school appropriate graphic image design!Monochrome Day! It’s the day you dress in all ONE color!Be a Jock or Nerd!  You choose what you are by what you wear!  Dress representing your favorite fandom…from shows to anime & be sure it’s school appropriate!!

Please remember, ALL Spirit Week dress up choices must follow SCHOOL APPROPRIATE FREE DRESS GUIDELINES.

  1. All tops shall not reveal any cleavage and must cover the midriff.  Sleeveless tops must have straps two (2) inches or wider and be tight fitting under the arms.  Spaghetti straps, backless or shoulderless garments with or without jackets are not permitted.
  2. All clothing must be free of messages relating to drugs, gangs, sex or profanity.
  3. The length of the skirts or shorts shall reach the open fingertips when the arm is extended down the student’s side.
  4. All skirt or dress slits must not be shorter than open fingertips when the arm is extended down the student’s side.
  5. No layering of shirts is allowed.
  6. Sagging or oversized pants are not allowed.  Pants must be secured at the waist (no undergarments showing).
  7. Baseball caps, visors, stocking caps, or sweatbands of any kind are not to be worn.
  8. Jewelry representing drugs, gangs, inappropriate language, etc. is prohibited.
  9. Any gang related fashion is prohibited.
  10. Outerwear must fit the theme or follow AMS dress code.
  11. Students are STRONGLY ADVISED to wear their AMS ID if they are out of school uniform