Family and School Staff Contact

AMS uses several methods to communicate with parents. Parents are also encouraged to call or e-mail their child’s counselor or teachers if they have questions concerning their child’s progress.


This planner is given to every AMS student when they start school. It is the first line of communication between the parent and teacher. Using planners, students practice organizational skills & are responsible for their own learning. The planner contains the school rules, hall pass, and an area to record all daily assignments and should be brought to school every day. Students are to share it with their parents, counselor, teachers & administration when requested. Pages are not to be removed from the planner and it is not to be folded​ since it is the student’s & parent’s record that the work is recorded, noted by teacher and checked by parent. There is a section on each page for the parent and teacher to communicate daily, if needed. Parents are encouraged to look at the planner regularly. The planner costs $5.00 and is paid for by the PTSO and SBG. A replacement copy costs $5.00 and may be purchased from the SAC if extras are available.

Grades (Infinite Campus, Report cards, Mid quarter reports):

  • The report card is intended to give a general estimate of student progress and mastery of learning of knowledge and skills at a specific point in time. Grades indicate achievement in relation to the grade level and classroom standards. Finalized quarter grades are available for viewing on the Infinite Campus portal approximately 2 weeks after the end of the quarter (excluding vacation days). Report cards are sent via the student except for the 4th quarter when it is mailed home.
  • Progress Reports: As part of the continuing effort to support students and provide parents with more opportunities to be informed about their child’s progress, we will offer two opportunities each quarter where parents can check their child’s most up-to-date grade in each of their classes through the Infinite Campus portal. Parents who desire additional progress reports should make arrangements with their child’s counselor.
  • Infinite Campus Portals – provides parents with the ability to view their secondary school child(ren)’s academic information through the Infinite Campus Portal. Logging onto this web-based system will permit you to view the following real-time information about your child’s Attendance, Grades, Class Schedules, and Assignments


All teachers’ e-mail are:  Teacher names are on students’ schedules.

Parent Newsletter:

The Paw Notes is generated each month with highlights of recent happenings, announcements of upcoming events and much more. It is posted on the school’s web page monthly. This is an online newsletter sent to parent’s email address on file that contains current school news and reminders. Thus, please ensure to notify the school of any changes to email addresses.

Parent Teacher Conference:

Parents should contact student’s core subject teachers or counselor to arrange a time and date.

Change of Address or Telephone Number:

Notify the AMS office of any changes. Change of address should be accompanied by a utility bill. Please make sure to update emergency contacts for these will be the only persons authorized to pick up your child from school. It is critical that the Health Room has the current, ​local​ phone numbers.