School Profile

Principal Albert Hetrick
Assistant Principal Trent Horita
Assistant Principal Daralyn Hadden
Assistant Principal Je Ann Williams

Telephone: 808.421.4100
Fax: 808.421.4103

Grades: 7 – 8

Enrollment: 750- 800

Complex Area: Aiea – Radford – Moanalua
District: Central Oahu

Community: Most of our students are federally connected with 70% of our school population from military families. They come from Joint Pearl Harbor Hickam, Aliamanu Military Reservation Housing, and Ford Island, while our civilian students come from Foster Village and Salt Lake. The school experiences a high transient rate because of the sizable military population, leaving 30% of the students attending Aliamanu Middle for both seventh and eighth-grade years.

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges

School Status & Improvement Report: Click to view SSIRs

Trend Report: Educational & Fiscal Responsibility: Click to view Trend Reports

School Quality Survey: Click to view SQSs

School Colors: Blue & Gray
School Mascot: Panther
School Newsletter: Paw Notes

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You Uplift is a Digital Kindness Board. Let’s acknowledge ALL the acts of KINDNESS that happen at Aliamanu Middle School. Go Panthers!!!