Bell Schedule

The schedules below are starting January 2021 – TBD. The only difference between each grade level is the days students come on campus for their face-to-face days. 7th grade is Monday and Tuesday. 8th grade is Wednesday and Thursday. The schedule rotates every 2 weeks. Weeks with a holiday have a special schedule.

7th Grade – Blended Learning Schedule

7th week 1
Odd Weeks
7th week 2
Even Weeks

8th Grade – Blended Learning Schedule

8th week 1
Odd Weeks
8th week 2
Even Weeks

Blended Learning Special Schedule for holiday weeks

If Monday is a holiday, it moves to Friday. Depending on the week, the week will start with period 1 (odd weeks) or period 4 (even weeks).

If Friday is a holiday, Friday schedule is removed.

7th grade – Monday Holiday

8th Grade – Monday Holiday

Online Learning Schedule