Campus Conduct

Discipline Guidelines:

Chapter 19 is the part of the regulations of the State of Hawaii which govern student conduct, discipline, and reporting offenses.  This document is available on-line at .  Hard copies are available from the office upon request.  All students are asked to review this policy with their parents and acknowledge in writing that they have done so.  This acknowledgment is kept in the AMS office.

Report any problems to the Principal, Vice Principal or Counselors.  Do not take discipline into your own hands. Fighting will result in suspension and possible police action.

What is “Bullying?”

Bullying is a conscious, willful, repeated & deliberately hostile act intended to inflict pain, discomfort, embarrassment, and/or induce fear through violence, the threat of violence or humiliation.  Bullying can be any gesture, written or verbal expression, or physical act that a reasonable person should know will hurt another person, damage another person’s property, place another person in reasonable fear of harm to themselves or damage to their property.  In bullying situations, there is always an imbalance of power; the bully consciously abuses his or her power and demonstrates a consistent pattern of disrespect for the victim.

Personal Property:

For your safety and well-being, do not lend your property and possessions to other students.  The school will not be responsible for the recovery of money or property loaned by one student to another.

  • Personal property (“Personal property” denotes ownership) should not be left unattended.  School is not responsible for keeping students’ property safe – students are! Anything found in your possession without the owner’s permission will be considered STOLEN.
  • *Tampering with another’s or school property is prohibited.
  • *Damage to or destruction of any property not yours will result in monetary or like replacement by student or parents/guardian.

ID Badges:

ID Badges are made for each student after admission to AMS. Students must have badges in their possession at all times while on campus (except during PE class).  Replacement badges are available in the front office before school and during recess for a $7.00 fee.

Leaving Class, Cuts & Truancy:

A student may leave a classroom only with the teacher’s permission.  Students must have the hall pass in their planner signed or have an office summons pass signed by teacher to leave during a class.  Leaving class without permission & the proper pass is considered a cut. Cuts are reported to the administration for disciplinary action.

Truancy is absent from school without parent’s permission.  Truancy will result in parent notification, detention and possible suspension and/or court action.

Transitions Between Classes:

The sounding of the bell at the end of a period is not the signal for students to leave: departure will be upon the teacher’s dismissal.  Move immediately, quietly, and safely to your next class. Walk to the right when passing through the halls. Do NOT run, shout, whistle, push or loiter in the halls, classrooms, stairwells, or restrooms.


Restrooms on campus have a specific function.  They are not assembly areas or hangouts. Students may not loiter within or immediately outside the restrooms.  Running in and out of the facility is prohibited.

At recess and lunch time, students may only use F bldg. bathrooms.  All other bathrooms are in the off- limits areas.

Ball Playing:

All ball playing will be confined to the courts & field.  Volleyballs may not be used on the courts during recess. They are to be used on the field behind the courts only.  There should be no ball playing between classroom buildings.  Football is allowed on a provisional basis. All football games must be “touch” only.  Any “tackle” football will cause the temporary & possibly permanent loss of the football-playing privilege for all students.

Behavior at Assemblies

Teachers are responsible for discussing proper conduct with their students prior to each event.  Proper behavior & attentiveness remain the greatest compliments you can give for the presenters’ hard work.  Follow these guidelines during assemblies:

  • Enter the designated assembly area with your teacher at the prescribed time.  Your teacher will remain with your group.
  • All classes are to stay together.
  • Please be seated quickly and quietly in the area assigned to your group.
  • You are expected to be quiet and attentive during presentations.  Booing, whistling, stomping, or other disorderly actions will not be tolerated.
  • Each class’ actions remain the responsibility of the supervising teacher.
  • Any student demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be removed and may be barred from future assemblies.
  • Students may not leave an assembly unless dismissed by the Administration, SAC or teacher.

Your behavior determines whether there will be future assemblies.

Behavior in the Administrative Offices:

  • Use the main entrance, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Go to the office for business purposes only!  Do not loiter in the office.
  • Upon entering the office, state your business to the staff.  Speak softly and clearly so the staff can understand what you need.
  • Friends must remain outside.
  • Have a seat where directed and remain quiet.
  • Do not go beyond the counter, unless so directed.
  • Do not tamper with the teachers’ mailboxes or items on the front counter.
  • Behave maturely and do not cause any disruption in front or within these offices.

Off-Limits Areas:

For your safety and protection, the following areas are designated off limits:

  • Areas where classes, special assemblies, etc. in which you are not involved are in session
  • Before school, during recess, lunch, and after school the second floors of A, B, C, D and Administration Buildings and the stairwells are off limits.
  • At lunch and homeroom periods, E quad and the sidewalks behind E quad are off limits.
  • At lunch, A, B, P, M building areas and the inside area of E quad is off limits.  You are to be in the field areas between D & E buildings.
  • At lunch, B bldg. bathrooms are off limits.  You are to use F bldg. bathrooms only.
  • Between, behind and under the portable buildings
  • Parking lot and all parked automobiles
  • Aliamanu Elementary school
  • The area between the P1 portable and the elementary school
  • Any other area designated as “off limits” by announcements in the daily bulletins or by posted signs


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