Computer Use

AMS Computer Lab is used by students and staff. Teachers schedule classes to use the lab to complete assignments and projects. The lab is a vital tool for research, testing, and projects that utilize word processing, slideshows, layout and page design, and more.

Internet Use Policy:

Students are permitted to access valuable and current information on the Internet, unless parents opt not to allow their child access at school.  Although the general public has learned to manipulate the system, the DOE has many safeguards to block unacceptable materials. AMS staff will monitor students’ computer use to the best of their ability, just as parents do at home.

Students are expected to use the Internet at school for educational purposes consistent with the school’s curriculum and to reject any inappropriate material that they may encounter.  The smooth operation of the computer labs depends upon the proper conduct of the student to adhere to appropriate behavior. If a user fails to use the computers appropriately, computer privileges will be revoked.  Depending on the violation, school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action MAY be taken.

Conduct in Computer Labs:

Students are responsible for good behavior on the school computer network just as in a classroom or hallway.  Student MAY NOT:

  • Damage computers, systems or networks.
  • Violate copyright laws
  • Use another’s password.
  • Trespass in another’s folder, work or files.
  • Waste limited resources
  • Employ the network for commercial purposes.

Violations may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary actions.

PDF Forms

Technology Responsibility Use Guideline – TRUG
Technology Responsible Use Form – TRUF

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