General Learner Outcomes – GLO


Aliamanu’s General Learner Outcomes
Aliamanu Middle School Students are:

1. Self-Directed Learners – “I am responsible for my own learning.”
* I organize my time so that everything gets done.
* I finish what I start.
* I set goals and work toward them.
* I know how I am doing.
2. Community Contributor – “I work well with others.”
* I keep my word and follow through on my promises.
* I accept that other people see the world differently than I do.
* I understand other people’s feelings.
* I do my share of the work.
3. Complex Thinker – “When I need an answer, I can figure out what to do.”
* I easily pull out the important information I need.
* For any problem, I go step-by-step to get an answer.
* I know why, not just how, things work.
* I know where to go to get answers.
4. Quality Producer – “I can tell the difference between high and low quality products and performances and if my work meets or exceeds expectations.”
* I know when things are good or bad.
* When I do something, I try my best to do it right.
* I know how to improve, if given a second chance.
* I try to do my best, not just what is expected of me.
5. Effective Communicator – “I read, write, listen, and speak well.”
* I understand what I read and I work toward understanding when I don’t.
* My writing is clear and interesting.
* I adjust the way I write and speak according to my audience.
* When I listen, I hear words and the meaning.
6. Effective and Ethical Users of Technology – “I use a variety of technologies effectively and fairly.”
* I let people know when I use ideas and information that aren’t my own.
* I know what tools to use to get the job done.
* I understand how technology can improve my work.
* I understand how technology is a tool, not just a toy.
*taken from Radford High School