Gifted and Talented (GT)

AMS offers a GIFTED & TALENTED (“GT”) program for identified 7th and 8th grade students.  Eligible students may enroll in GT ELA and/or GT Math in 7th and 8th grade.  Our GT classes are self-contained, not pull-out. 

In accordance with the Radford Complex Gifted and Talented Identification Matrix, your child will be scored in multiple weighted measures including:

  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT 7) –

The Cognitive Abilities Test assesses students’ abilities in reasoning and problem solving using verbal and quantitative symbols rather than current subject knowledge

  • Standardized Achievement Test (iReady Reading and Math)
  • Student Work Product (Writing Sample)
  • Rating Scale (Renzulli Scale for Rating Behavioral Characteristics of Superior 


  • Teacher Recommendation 
  • Parent/Guardian Recommendation

Students who obtain an overall score of at least 45 out of 50 points on their matrix meet the requirements for the Gifted and Talented Program. 


The GT screening process is held in the fall (Sept), spring (May)  and summer (July). A student’s parent/guardian must complete and return the Parent Permission GT Screening Form. Failure to do so will result in your child missing the upcoming screening period. 

Interested Students
FallParents may recommend their child and/or teachers may recommend 7th and 8th graders to screen for GT. Eligible students will start during their second quarter.
Spring Parents may recommend their 7th grade child only and/or teachers may recommend 7th graders only to screen for GT.  8th graders may request for a screening at Radford High School during the summer.  Eligible 7th graders will start during their 8th grade year.
SummerParents may recommend their incoming 7th or 8th grade child to screen for GT.  Eligible students will start the GT program during their incoming school year.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: If my child was in an approved GT program in another state or a local school district, is my child eligible for your program? 

A: Yes, your child may be eligible for the AMS GT program once your child’s records are reviewed. Your child will be required to take the CogAT to have an  updated score on file.  

Q: My child qualified for GT Math but not GT ELA.  Can my child retake the CogAT? 

A: Yes, your child may retake the CogAT, however, there must be at least one year from your child’s previous CogAT test. Your child must score at the 89th percentile rank or higher to be eligible for GT ELA. 

Q: If my child was in the GT program at Aliamanu Middle, does my child have to requalify at Radford High School or at a different school? 

A:  If your child was enrolled in the GT ELA class, your child will automatically be placed in the 9th & 10th grade GT ELA classes at Radford High School.  Radford High School does not offer GT math classes.  If you relocate to a different state or school, please check with your child’s counselor.  Each state or school district has different criteria for their GT program. 

Q: My child screened for GT but didn’t qualify for your program.  What are my child’s options? 

A: Your child may rescreen for GT the following school year. Also, the math department offers both non-GT classes for Pre-AP Algebra 1 and Geometry (taken after successful completion of Pre-AP Algebra 1).  Both of these classes are high school credit and will appear on your child’s high school transcript.  When your child enters high school, they may speak to their counselor about taking dual-credit (high school and college) classes (i.e. Advanced Placement Literature) which are highly recommended for admission into 4-year colleges and universities. Students do not have to be in the GT program to take dual-credit courses. 

Q: I don’t see my child’s gifted class on their schedule.  What should I look for?

A: GT ELA classes are coded as the following: 

  • 7th grade GT ELA: LCY0200G
  • 8th Grade GT ELA: LCY0300G
  • and MAX0850G  GT Math (GT Pre-AP Algebra 1) 

For additional information or questions about the AMS GT program, please contact Ashley Foumai, GT Coordinator at 808-421-4100 or


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