AMS Kahoot! Trivia

AMS Kahoot Trivia
September 21 - 25
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Aloha Āliamanu Panthers!

The AMS Student Leadership Team is proud to present the AMS Kahoot Trivia CHALLENGE!

Do you want to see who the trivia genius of the school is? Is that genius you? Well if you want to test your limits or challenge your friends then come and play the AMS Trivia Contest. The top three winners will get a certificate emailed to them and will be shown on the Āliamanu Middle School website.

Welcome to AMS’s Kahoot Trivia Challenge!

This will be an elimination style trivia competition with several rounds consisting of practical and just random questions (*bonus * you can continue to play even if you are  eliminated in an earlier round). 

The AMS Kahoot Trivia Challenge takes place in three rounds, September 21-26, with the top 3 winners getting a certificate, and bragging rights. Rounds/links will be open/applied on their respective days and closed once the day passes. So don’t be late!


  1. Only use your real full name as your name and put your grade level as well (FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME – GRADE).
  2. No cheating! Most of the questions in this trivia can be done without using google.
  3. DO NOT participate/do the rounds during class or class periods, this is for recreational purposes only, to be done in your free time.

AMS Kahoot Trivia Schedule 

Round 19/21/20 (Mon)(ENDED)
Round 29/23/20 (Wed)(LINK)
Round 39/25/20 (Fri)(will be released on date)

(Note: If you do not put your full name you will not be counted!)
(If your name is highlighted you made it to the next round, if you didn’t don’t worry, you can still play for fun)

*One False Question* (6500<) 32 contenders, 20 eliminated 

Round 1 Placing & Eliminations

Jasmine Sullivan: 12607
Jake Ace: 12479
Kiara Diaz: 12439
Sophie Miner: 10502
Noah Nelson: 10404
Samuel Barringer: 10225
Mr. Skal: 10180
Samantha Borja: 9616
Molly Fitzgerald: 9485
Reily Bridge: 9464
Aubrey Andel: 9362
Doni Leigh: 9342
Seagull Kabua: 9211
Kayla Perez: 9203
Nolan Blair: 9108
Natalie Hill: 9092
Sarah Thai: 8457
Yelene Reid-Selth: 8437
Lindsey Daack: 8406
Dezmond Butay: 8340
Danika Gubatan: 8256
Penton Richards: 8086
Aubrey Allseitz: 8042
Kate Nash: 803s
Kaimana Guerrero: 7751
Kazlayn Lee: 7487
Alohi Hetrick: 7476
Riley Thomas: 7421
Marcus Vansickle: 7081
Cole Bruson: 6645
Gregory Cachero: 6608
Grayce Burton: 6502

Eliminated  –

Eliana Brambila: 6444
Aiden Jenkins: 6414
Angle Rose: 6379
Kiara Narvarro: 6369
Kamiyah A Dabner: 6290
Danicka Guzman: 6276
Vanessa Zawieruszynski : 6162
Alema Tuumalo: 6150
Dominic Domingo: 6079
Marli Barlow: 5669
Alexis Stroeh: 5643
Abigail Brindley: 5283
Caitlin Poston: 5668
Danni Leigh: 5229
Annethoneth Ragrag: 4761
Krista Jones: 4729
Milena: 4667
Maddison J: 3604
Anthony Rosarivas: 1834

Round 2 Placing & Events;


Round 3 Placing & Events:




Email questions to Mrs. Young at

Aliamanu Middle School and “The Middle Years”

Aliamanu Families, 
The goal of “The Middle Years” Newsletter is to provide busy parents with practical ideas that promote school success via parental involvement.

Here are some important, middle-of-the-month reminders for you.

In “Help!  My Teenager’s Been Abducted by Aliens!”, we’ll discuss some of the typical behaviors that many teens exhibit during adolescence. We will review neurological and physical changes,  behavior expectations, parent roles, and helpful strategies that can assist parents in better understanding their teens through honest, supportive, and loving relationships. Jasmin Chang, our school-based behavioral health specialist, will be our presenter.

Mr. Hetrick will be available, too, to share the GOOD things that are going on at our school and in our virtual classrooms, and can answer your questions, too.

  • Our SCC (SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL) is looking for parent representatives who meet monthly with other AMS stakeholders to advise and assist Principal Hetrick on our school’s Academic and  Financial Plans.  Meetings last approximately 1 1/2 –2 hours.  Parent representatives bring insight and perspective from  families across our school’s  population.  “Intro to the SCC” informational meetings will be held Wednesday, September 16th at 10am and 2:15.  Email our PCNC, Alecia Morgan at,  and she’ll send you a direct link to the meeting you’d like to attend. 
  • In case you didn’t know, FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH benefits must be applied for each year.  Current eligibility will expire September 29th.  You can apply or RE-APPLY at
  • Our teachers are going above and beyond to provide FREE ONLINE TUTORING for all students, Monday-Saturday!  Subject area teachers will be available to help with content or homework questions.  Students may seek assistance from teachers other than their own.  Links to sign up for tutoring will be available in your child’s Blackboard under the “AMS School Information” tab.  A printable copy of our tutoring schedule is attached to this newsletter or can be found at

Finally, we wanted to remind you that we do not send home printed progress reports.  Instead,  MID QUARTER GRADES will be current on your child’s Blackboard account MONDAY, September 14th.  

We have an open door policy at AMS.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s ever anything we can do for YOU!

Alecia Morgan
Parent Community Network Center
Aliamanu Middle School