Pedestrian Safety Poster Contest

Poster Contest!
Theme: Pedestrian Safety

    1. Each homeroom are invited to make 1- 2 posters (12in. by 18in. minimum) to promote pedestrian safety.
    2. The poster has to represent: Pedestrian Safety
    3. The poster should be neat & have a clear image of the topic.
    4. Each student in the homeroom must participate whether if it’s drawing or writing his/her signature.
      *Teachers may only give ideas to students

Due Date: February 12, 2020

1st place: 25 Spirit Points
2nd place: 20 Spirit Points
3rd place: 15 Spirit Points
Participation: 5 Spirit Points
*Homeroom and Spirit Team must be on the poster somewhere


Due by: February 12th in D2
Does you poster show a clear image of pedestrian safety?
Yes or No

How much Creativity went into this poster?
1 2 3 4 5

Did everyone in your homeroom participate in this activity?
Yes or No

Is your poster fully colored?
Yes or No

Click for Google Docs

2020 Valentine’s Day Dance!

AMS Student Body Government (with the help of PTSO) is hosting a Valentine’s Day Dance!
Date: Friday, February 7
Time: 6-8:00 PM
Location: AMS Cafeteria
Admission: $2 per student with school ID.
For current AMS students only.
Refreshments will be provided with paid admission.

If your student will be walking home after the dance, parental consent will be needed. (A note with a parent signature and contact number where parent can be reached)

Students: Dress code must be followed or you will not be allowed admission.

AMS Student Dress Code Policy
1. Students must have their AMS School IDs with them.
2. Apparel must NOT be offensive to the general public.
3. Tops must have straps at least 2″ wide.
4. Bottoms must meet the dress code length or longer.
5. No bare middles, shoulders or backs.
6. Apparel must not advertise alcohol, tobacco, gangs, drugs, sex, or other inappropriate behavior.
7. No contraband items, including pretend or imaginary weapons.

Questions? Send them to or reach us through our Contact Us tab

Summer Enrichment

We’re halfway through the school year, and that means that summer’s just around the corner! Well, not really…but this is a friendly reminder that NOW is the time to start exploring your options for Summer 2020!

  • Here’s a link to the most comprehensive list of Summer Programs on Oahu to date. While some are fee-based, others are free. Additional links can be found within for further details about each program.
  • You can explore MORE options at
  • Summer residential programs for Gifted and Talented Students are available through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Look HERE for more details:
  • Summer school at Aliamanu Middle School is available for credit recovery ONLY.
  • Information for summer school programs at Radford and Moanalua High will be posted on their school’s web page at the end of February, and registration typically take place in April. Fees DO apply to summer school courses at Hawaii’s public schools.