Breakfast and Lunch

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For the 2022-23 school year, school meal operations will return to the normal National School Lunch Program, where only eligible children will receive meals at a free or reduced price.

Meal Card System

This is used to effectively service families and keep student meal status confidential. Upon registration, the student will have a photo taken, a meal account opened and a plastic bar-coded student identification card issued.  This card is to be carried whenever on campus, since it is also the identification card and the school Library card. Cash, money orders or cashier’s checks are deposited into the child’s account by the parent or child.  Each time the student uses the card to purchase a meal, the cost is subtracted from the account. When the account has a balance of $10.00 or less, the student will be told by the lunch clerk. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the parent.  A stolen or misplaced card must be reported immediately to cancel the account, reissue a new card and transfer the remaining funds. Each replacement ID card costs $7.00. Students having a second meal must pay the full price including those participating in the free and reduced meal program.


Breakfast (as of 2022)
Regular Student Breakfast
*Reduced Price Student Breakfast
Second and Subsequent Student Breakfast
Adult Breakfast
(For qualified students)
Lunch (as of 2022):
Regular Student Lunch
*Reduced Price Student Lunch
Second Student Entree
Second Student Lunch
Adult Breakfast
(For qualified students)

Free or Reduced Meals Information

Families eligible for free and reduced-priced meals can apply via online applications at starting July 15. Applications for Free or Reduced Meals can be picked up at the Front Office. Applications were also distributed to all students via homeroom during the first week of school.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year; however, families should allow the Department 10 operating days to fully process applications. The information provided on the application will be used only for purposes of determining eligibility and will be kept confidential. Information submitted may be verified at any time during the school year by the school or other program officials.

Payment Information

To make a Deposit

  • Pre-payments for student accounts are accepted daily from 7:30am to 2pm.
  • Please note that monies must be deposited by 9:00am to the payment box located in the front office in order to count for that day
    *Cash only*
  • Milk served with every meal. Menu subject to change without notice.
  • No loans provided by school.
  • ID cards are mandatory for all purchases. Replacement ID cards are made with a $7.00 fee

Create an account using your child’s last name and student ID number (located on their report card) or stop by the front office and we can assist you.

Cafeteria Rules

  • Only walking, no running permitted.
  • Enter the door closest to the line you choose.
  • Form single file lines.
  • No rowdiness or cutting will be permitted in lines or in the cafeteria.
  • Show consideration to student monitors, cashiers, and cafeteria staff.
  • ID cards are mandatory for all meals.
  • ID lanyards must be worn around the neck during meal times.
  • Absolutely NO CASH will be accepted by the cashier during breakfast or lunch.
  • No buying of food for others.
  • ID cards may not be shared.
  • Never touch food on someone else’s tray, even with their permission.
  • All food must be consumed in the cafeteria, including drinks and dessert.
  • Use good manners, don’t shout or drop food on tables or floor.
  • Only students who are eating may be in cafeteria, this includes home lunch eaters.
  • Leave as soon as you have finished and do not return to the cafeteria.
  • All students must carry their tray to the disposal area.
  • Check your table for any personal belongings and litter that might be left behind.
  • Money in meal accounts may not be removed without written approval from parent/guardian.
  • No balloons are allowed in the cafeteria to prevent damage to the fans.


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