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2021 Bus Routes – Letter to Parents and Guardians

AMS is striving to communicate and work effectively with our families to provide a safe environment on the bus.

Students who live one and a half (1-1/2) miles or more from school or in an area not serviced by the city bus may ride the school bus.  Information on routes and schedules is available from Roberts Transportation (836-4886). Students residing outside of the Aliamanu school district will be responsible for providing their own transportation.

The State of Hawaii makes provisions for bus transportation and sets the regulations for such usage.

Areas and Communities Eligible for School Bus Service:

  • Hickam Air Force Base
  • Foster Village
  • Navy Housing
  • Aliamanu Military Reservation

As part of the Hawaii State Department of Education’s (HIDOE) ongoing effort to modernize Hawaii’s pupil transportation system, the Student Transportation Services Branch has launched a bus stop locator/bus schedule information web application called Infofinder i, which can be found at www.hawaiischoolbus.com. This system enables parents and school officials to search for the nearest school bus stop to a home address. The system also provides morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times for all school grade levels.

The Infofinder i landing page will prompt users to select their home state (Hawaii) and then their home education system (Hawaii Department of Education). Next, the user will enter a residential address and have the option to modify their school search selection via a dropdown menu. Results are displayed in a list and map form.


HR05B – Bougainville Dr Across Plumeria | HR07B – Bougainville Lp & Mahogany Ln | HR09A – 234 Ohana Nui Cir – Backside of Shoppette | HR09B – 1st Street & Worthington Ave | HR10A – 628 Ohana Nui Cir | HR10B – 19th & Fox Blvd | HR15A page 1 – Haloa Dr & Olino St | HR15A page 2 – Haloa Dr & Olino St | HR16A page 1 – Kam Hwy & Halawa Dr | HR16A page 2 – Kam Hwy & Halawa Dr | HR16A page 3 – Kam Hwy & Halawa Dr | HR16A page 4 – Kam Hwy & Halawa Dr | HR17A – Ohana Nui Cir

Bus fare:


Payment schedules are quarterly or yearly.  We will accept cash, cashier’s check, or money orders.  Payments are calculated on a 180 day school year and divided equally for each payment option.  School ID badges serve as bus passes. Students must call for a ride home if they do not have their ID. We do not issue temporary passes.  The city bus fare is $1.25 (one-way) or $35.00 (month).

!!CAUTION; NO REFUND POLICY ON ALL BUS PASS PURCHASES!! Processing takes 2- 3 business days.

  • To obtain an application form, please see the Front Office.
  • Ask the front office staff for information on bus route and time schedule or use Infofinder i. (Note: It is recommended that students be dropped off on their first day of school where they will receive an I.D. badge that will serve as their bus pass.)
    • Quarterly round trip = $72.00
    • Quarterly one-way = $36.00 (to OR from school only)
    • One-way coupons = $12.50 for a sheet of 10
  • Quarter 2 DUE ON or BEFORE the first Friday of October
  • Quarter 3 DUE ON or BEFORE the third Wednesday of December
  • Quarter 4 DUE ON or BEFORE the second Friday of March

Payments can made at the Administration Office between 7:30 a.m – 1:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday or you may send payment in with your child. CASH, money order, or cashier’s check acceptable. No personal checks.

Late payments or non-payments:

If payments are not received on time, parents will need to provide alternate transportation for the student.  There is no refund for bus passes purchased under any circumstances. If you are moving to another school in the State of Hawaii, the bus fare money will transfer to the new Hawaii school for a bus pass.

Bus Safety:

All students in the Hawaii State public school system who ride to and from school on a bus under contract with the state are subject to DOE Rules and Chapter 19 until they get off the bus at school or near their home. Bus passenger safety rules must be followed at all times.

Any misbehavior which distracts the bus driver is a VERY SERIOUS HAZARD to the safe operation of the school bus and endangers all passengers.  Depending on the infraction’s severity, students will be suspended from the bus for a period of time or bus privileges may be revoked without refund.

Bus Loading Procedures

  1. Students line up in the assigned bus loading area, behind the guard rails.
  2. All other students should go immediately to the main walkway and wait quietly for their bus.
  3. Students may not board without their pass.
  4. Students may not use another student’s bus pass.
  5. Students may talk quietly while waiting for the bus.
  6. Students are to behave while waiting for the bus. Any student pushing, shoving, disrespecting the rights or endangering the life of another student will be dealt with severely.
  7. Student may not push or shove when boarding buses.
  8. Spitting or throwing anything in or out of the bus windows is forbidden.
  9. Students must be in school uniform to ride the bus to and from school.
  10. Students must ride the bus number listed on their pass only. No switching buses.

**Any student refusing to obey the rules may not ride the bus and must find other means of transportation.  There is a possibility of both school and bus company discipline and permanent suspension from riding the bus

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