Communication and Involvement

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Successful results usually require effective communication. AMS believes it is extremely important to have active, meaningful communication with the parents/guardians of each student, and AMS utilizes various means to communicate with parents and vice versa:


The school’s website can be found at Please check the website regularly for events, etc.

Infinite Campus Portals

provides parents with the ability to view their secondary school child(ren)’5 academic information through the Infinite Campus Portal. Logging onto this web-based system will permit you to view the following real-time information about your child’s Attendance, Grades, Class Schedules, and Assignments

Report Cards

The report card is intended to give a general estimate of student progress and mastery of learning of knowledge and skills at a specific point in time. Grades indicate achievement in relation to the grade level and classroom standards. Finalized quarter grades are available for viewing on the Infinite Campus portal approximately 2 weeks after the end of the quarter (excluding vacation days).

Progress Reports

As part of the continuing effort to support students and provide parents with more opportunities to be informed about their child’s progress, we will offer two opportunities each quarter where parents can check their child’s most up-to-date grade in each of their classes through the Infinite Campus portal.

Paw Notes

Online newsletter sent to parent’s email address on file that contains current school news and reminders. Thus, please ensure to notify the school of any changes to email addresses.

Automated phone calls

School wide calls are used when information needs to be shared quickly such as unexpected school closures. It is necessary for parents/guardians to provide the school a primary, current phone number where he/she can be reached in a timely manner.

Parents are strongly encouraged to frequently and regularly keep track of student’s performance through the Infinite Campus portal.