Infinite Campus

When signing in for the first time to the Infinite Campus Portal, follow these steps:

PART 1. Sign in

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Campus Student button.
  3. Enter your Student Username
    • 10-digit student number (This can be found on your class schedule)
  4. Enter your Password
    • <first name initial uppercase><last name initial uppercase><birthdate MMDDYY> (ex: Bn122010)
  5. Click Log In.

PART 2. Password

Student will be forced to change password. 

  1. Enter Old Password.
    • Re-enter the default password used on the initial sign-in (ex: Mk020510)
  2. Enter New Password
    • New password must be strong enough to reach 100%.
    • SUGGESTION: Use AMS Google Password (Ex. Jan#1234)
  3. Verify New Password by retyping the password entered earlier. Click “Save.”

PART 3. Security

Student will be prompted with “You are required to set an account security email.”

  1. New Account Security Email
    • Enter your Aliamanu MS Gmail address in the New Account Security Email field. 
  2. Confirm New Account Security Email by re-entering it.
  3. Enter Campus Password
    • Enter the password you created. Then, click Save.

If you previously logged into Infinite Campus, your login and password are still active.
If you need to reset your password, please complete the request at

  1. Download the Infinite Campus Student Mobile portal app.
  2. Launch the Campus app and enter your District ID Select Settings.
    District ID: HIDOE
  1. Enter your Campus Portal Username and Password to sign in.

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