Infinite Campus

The Hawaii State Department of Education student information system, Infinite Campus, will provide parents with the ability to view their secondary school child(ren)’s academic information through the Infinite Campus Portal.

Click on the image below to access Infinite Campus
Parents: make sure you are using YOUR parent login, NOT your child’s, to view their grades.

STUDENTS logging in the first time:

Username: 10-digit student ID
Password: FirstName initial LastName initial Birthday (mmddyy)

  1. Example: Password for Clark Kent born April 28, 2002 = Ck042802
  2. This is the default password. After you log in, the system will force you to change your password. Please use your GOOGLE password.

Need your Student ID information?

See your homeroom teacher for help with login and/or password information.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the address of the portal?
  2. What is our District ID to access the Mobile App?
    The Hawaii State DOE Schools all have the same District ID.  It is Hawaii.
  3. Are there directions for students to gain access information?
    Yes, click on the direct link above to the student activation directions file.
  4. What is the difference between the student and parent portals?
    The parent portal gives the ability to view all of their children(s) grades through one account.
  5. I’m getting a password reset page.  What should I do?
    Please click on the file link above called “Forced Setup for Reset Password” so that you can clear the reset password page and go forward into Infinite Campus.  The reason you see that page is because it allows you to reset your password through your email in case you forget it.  The file is the instructions on how to move forward from that page.
  6. I still have some questions about Infinite Campus who can I contact?
    Please visit the front office.


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