General Learner Outcomes – GLO

Aliamanu Middle School Students are:

1. Self-Directed Learners

I organize my time so that everything gets done.
I finish what I start.
I set goals and work toward them.
I know how I am doing.

2. Community Contributor

“I work well with others.”
I keep my word and follow through on my promises. I accept that other people see the world differently than I do. I understand other people’s feelings. I do my share of the work.

3. Complex Thinker

“When I need an answer, I can figure out what to do.”
I easily pull out the important information I need.
For any problem, I go step-by-step to get an answer.
I know why, not just how, things work.
I know where to go to get answers.

4. Quality Producer

“I can tell the difference between high and low quality products and performances and if my work meets or exceeds expectations.”
I know when things are good or bad.
When I do something, I try my best to do it right.
I know how to improve, if given a second chance.
I try to do my best, not just what is expected of me.

5. Effective Communicator

“I read, write, listen, and speak well.”
I understand what I read and I work toward understanding when I don’t.
My writing is clear and interesting.
I adjust the way I write and speak according to my audience.
When I listen, I hear words and the meaning.

6. Effective and Ethical Users of Technology

“I use a variety of technologies effectively and fairly.”
I let people know when I use ideas and information that aren’t my own.
I know what tools to use to get the job done.
I understand how technology can improve my work.
I understand how technology is a tool, not just a toy.

*taken from Radford High School